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Storms of March 2022: Eris

Eris: The Greek Goddess of Strife and Discord

Eris, the much feared Goddess of Strife and Discord, is making her way into Dark Goddess Collective. In the Northern Hemisphere we are facing the storms as the seasons change, but what about our individual storms? How are we going to utilize and build our connection to this Dark Goddess to navigate them?

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Theme: The Storms We Face

What storms are you facing? How are you navigating them? We will dive a little deeper into strategies for navigating them.

Our Goddess: Eris

This daughter of Nyx is also full of wisdom, allowing us to face the darkness and torrents within.

Sneak Peeks for March

  • Oil
  • Black Sacred Candle
  • Navigating the Storms We Face

A Candle & A Key,

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We are equally excited to announce that our private network is coming along beautifully. Its creation will be for those who are interested in doing the deeper, life-changing, intuitive work of reclaiming their power with Dark Goddesses and a tribe committed to fostering change in their communities. Stay tuned!

Featured Photo by Erik Mclean from Pexels

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