Eris Awareness Oil

Eris, daughter of Nyx, is a Goddess of War, Discord, and strife who has long been misunderstood. She teaches some of the greatest lessons through what appears to be absolute destruction and chaos. If we think about where we are right now in the season, you are witnessing that liminal space of what appears to be destruction:

  • The soil is in a state of upheaval as shoots of emerging plants burst forth
  • The winds, rains, and heavy storms that cause damage are life giving to the rest of the Earth
  • Dramatic changes in mood and energy levels as daylight hours become longer again – sometimes ‘scorched earth’ in relationships appear.
Sometimes we can find herbs in the tea aisle when we run out of our own! Photo by Kaycee Reeves


The single most effective tool for weathering the storms and chaos is being aware of it. The best way to be aware is to lower the noise of the rest of the world and connect deeply with ourselves through grounding. This allows us to take an inventory of our inner landscape of thoughts and feelings prior to taking action. Action is not always necessary. Awareness is.

The Oil

The Eris Awareness Oil is an effective tool to not only get grounded for awareness of the things going on around us, but within us. It eases us into a calm awareness of that inner landscape that needs attention and creates the space for intentional, mindful understanding of it. It is also a great offering to Eris, it shows that we seek to understand through awareness of what she brings instead of what we have been told. As a daughter of Nyx, she can show us the way forward through obstacles because she will bring them to light.

Ingredients (please make sure to research contraindications prior to use of any plant allies):

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Blue Vervain
  • Dandelion Root
  • Damiana

Blue Vervain and Damiana are extremely strong plant allies, in my experience it is important to direct these two very specifically to work in partnership with each other to bring calm inner awareness of personal inner states of being. Dandelion Root will help root this into our consciousness, providing us with the ability to go deeper. It is this going deeper that allows us to rise to taller.

Photo by Kaycee Reeves


After giving specific directions to each herb, get a very small jar or vial (with a lid) and put a pinch or so of each herb in it. Add the Extra Virgin Olive Oil until the herbs are covered and ask for it to draw out that which you seek and that which you need. Place it in a dark spot for 3 days, visiting each day and shaking it to greet them. In the jar looks like chaos, but we are drawing the best of the plant allies out. Just like they are working with Eris to do the same for you.

After day 3, place on your altar as an offering to Eris – a symbol of your intention to work with her.

A candle and a key,


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Feature Image Credit: Kaycee Reeves

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