Tiamat Mother Dragon – An Anthology

The primordial essence of Tiamat, based on the timeframe of the stories we have relating to her, occur during the timeframe when patriarchal society was on the rise. The story of Marduk slaying Tiamat as a prime example of the story where the ability to overthrow the power of the feminine was sure to rise one into ‘King’ status. The thing about Tiamat and her lessons is that she is not slain. She simply understood her realm across land, sea, and sky enough to when to sink, swim, or soar. She teaches us the same.

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There are numerous stories and revisions surrounding Tiamat, including references to conflations with Inanna and Nammu. As a primordial Goddess of creation and destruction, she is the all and in between. Here are few things that I believe will get you started in deeper connection with her.

Places: The Ocean, The Milky Way
Stones: Emerald, Ocean Jasper, Amazonite, Moldavite, Coral, and Shells
Colors: Blue, Green
Creatures: Dragons, Serpents
Other: Sand, Dirt, Salt Water

Sink, Swim, or Soar

Understanding our inner and outer landscape is helpful when working with Tiamat. She is going to bring the challenges to the surface and make you face them head on. Sometimes that requires sinking in or sitting with the various things that come up during this time. The ability to deeply connect and contemplate the lesson being presented can be a key to opening the vault of opportunities that await us.

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Sometimes, we must tread water. That is the lesson: learning how to keep our heads above water is about our ability to persevere during our greatest challenges. And she will absolutely bring those up for us because it is a reminder that we too shall not be slain, just transformed.

To soar is about taking the calculated risks that make us slightly uncomfortable. This is not about fearlessness, it is teaching us to be fearsome. To be emboldened and claim what is rightfully ours. To learn to trust ourselves and our ability to rise to the occasion, children with the blood of dragons in their veins.

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A Call To Tiamat

I call to you Tiamat
Primordial Dragon of Life Giving Waters
She who is fierce and nurturing
Steady upon the waves and the wind
Where we may roam with the wings you gave us
With the fire found in the eyes and hearts of all Witches
Tiamat, I call to you
Goddess of the Sea
I seek upon your wings
The lessons just for me

A Candle & A Key,


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