The Call to the Wild Bones

When we made our way out of the deep darkness with Ereshkigal, we knew we were making a call to the wild bones. It is what we must do when we leave behind the bones of who we are not. How do we know this call of the wild bones and how do we know when they answer?

Sometimes we must stand at the threshold, in the dark, to replenish the spark ~ Photo by Bekir Donmez via Pexels

The Spark of Essence

The call to the Wild Bones is the journey to weave our own anew. We do it in a way that is replenishing and authentically aligned. The Wild Bones speak in the time before Solstice. It is the time in which we get down into what we want to call in from the spark of our essence that Ereshkigel allowed to remain. This essence, this spark, is ours to tend, replenish, feed, grow, and nurture. The bones that we left the cave with are imbued with this essence. Ask yourself this:

  • How are you replenishing the deep call to yourself?
  • In what ways have you allowed the space for those bones, imbued with this spark, to shift into alignment?
  • What are you dreaming of, what do you notice in them, including your waking dreams?
How can we nurture this spark? Photo by Edgar Colomba via Pexels

Where We Stand

We stand in the space of in between. Sagittarius reminds me that I’m in the place of pulling the string back on the bow of my purpose, passion, and magic. Through this process of replenishment, listening to the wild bones, and giving myself the right amount of space to hear them, I know I’ll release the arrow and it will leave a trail of starlit constellations that I’ll follow into the next season. I hope your constellations shine brighter than ever this season!

A Candle & A Key,


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