Funeral Rites at The Crossroads

Ereshkigal gave us the bones to weave anew, as a part of our initiation. Like the seeds for the next season, who are calmly digging themselves deeper into the fertile soil of the Earth for nourishment and care. It is where we also find ourselves, at the crossroads of the Season of the Bones and The Season of Seeds.

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What We Leave Behind

This space of in-between, where we become increasingly aware of what we must leave behind to navigate the season we are moving into, can create tension. It is complex and, many times, bittersweet. This is not just the bones we left behind in Ereshkigal’s cave.

“The bittersweet side of appreciating life’s most precious moments is the unbearable awareness that those moments are passing.” ~ Marc Parent, Believing It All: Lessons I Learned from My Children

Take a Moment:

  • What about when we know that there are things we leave in 2022 to move to 2023?
  • What things are you letting go of?
  • Do you have things that you have not yet acknowledged?

The things we leave behind, like thought patterns, behaviors, people, versions of self, and habits deserve recognition for the roles they have played in our lives. This deep acknowledgment is a required step in moving forward and it is a powerful tribute to yourself, to recognizing the Witch you are becoming.

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk via Pexels

Crafting Our Own Funeral Rites

Like any ritual, there is no one “right” way to reach the outcome desired. Our awareness, intention, and energetic effort guide our work in all things. Perhaps the most compelling moment of realization came from the need to craft a final love note to a sibling who passed recently. It created this awareness of the facets of loss, grieving, and also an acknowledgment that we too can handcraft our own love notes of transformation for stepping into who we’re becoming in the next season. Here are a few ideas that may be helpful at this crossroads of becoming:

  • Write a Love Note of Acknowledgement to the things you’re releasing or letting go of. It may be therapeutic to “release” it to the universe by burning it after you read it aloud.
  • Create a soothing salve or a tea that helps to soothe, calm, and still remain open to additional emotions that may need to be acknowledged.
  • Craft your own ritual bath to cleanse, calm, and aid in dreaming or receiving next steps in your becoming.

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As we move into the next season, may your becoming be one that is full of purpose, passion, and magic!

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