Medea: Kaleidoscopes of Perception

This is an original offering by one magnificent witch, Tania Ciolek! I am so grateful for her perspective and wouldn’t you know it, it is SPOT on!

As the images twist and morph, forming new and previously unseen forms, I giggle with delight. I’m enamored by the shapes and the colors and the way that they make me feel when I pull everything into focus. It’s a magical world. There’s a secret and I’m privy. I can see the things that others can’t. 

That’s usually how I would describe wax divination, but this time I’m talking Medea

A kaleidoscope, in simple terms, is an optical device consisting of mirrors that reflect images of bits of colored glass in a symmetrical geometric design through a viewer. 

We all hold the power to twist and turn our perception until we find the one that falls into alignment. We all have kaleidoscopes of perception. 

Here in DGC, Medea has entered the room. She demands alignment. She demands that you see clearly. She demands that you use your innate power to bring focus and clarity into your life.  

How Do You Find Alignment? 

You start by knowing yourself, or at least work hard through all your shadow shit to begin the process of knowing yourself. Only then can you come from a place of neutrality, and if your goal is clarity and aligned perspective, a place of neutrality is where you want to be.  

Finding our aligned perception is like looking at a 3D picture, the kind that were popular back in the 90’s. You stand before an image of seemingly innocuous shapes and designs and it’s only when you relax your focus that everything becomes clear.  


Take a step back. 

Re-examine what you thought you saw. 

See what wants to be seen and see what’s trying to hide. 

Medea speaks in riddles. She isn’t going to give you the information, but she will be a zealous ally while you figure it out.  

Smoke and Mirrors

There’s energy all around us. Moving and swirling and spiraling. Medea moves I smoke and mirrors. 

When you pick up your kaleidoscope, which view are you going to focus on?  

You have a choice. You always have a choice with this one. 

Are you looking through the lens of fear? Of anger? Are you looking through someone else’s eyes? Are you in your emotions? Are you love bombing everything you see as a way of avoidance?  

Your perception makes a difference in your perspective. This is magic. Tuning into your own body to the point where you can recognize which lens you’re looking through at any given time. Sometimes this happens in hindsight, but the more you are aware and mindful of the power you have in forming what you see, the more you will recognize and prioritize being in a neutral, grounded state. 

Medea Speaks  

In my experience I can tell Medea is near because things become uncomfortable.  

I hear a raspy, throaty, sultry:  “IT’S TIME” 

Fall out of alignment? Medea will show up. 

Living someone else’s life? Medea will show up. 

Making choices from a place of enchantment? Medea will show up and throw an icy cold glass of water in your face, so you’ll snap out from the spell you’re under. Then she’ll hand you a towel, give you three seconds to get it together, grab you by the hand and move you along to the next stop. 

Medea has no patience for your shit. She’s been there. She’s done that. 

She put her own feelings and desires aside. She dedicated her life to the completion of someone else’s goals.  

She woke the fuck up from that nonsense and reclaimed her power.  

The one putting her feelings aside to complete another’s goals wasn’t her. Those weren’t her choices. She was under a spell, living inauthentically, totally out of alignment. 

To live in alignment, we must be very clear about what that means to us individually.  

Deus ex Machina

Euripides made this concept famous in the ancient world. The ‘god in the machine’. In this case Goddess. No more love sick blues, she remembered who she was. Medea’s alignment came from righting the wrongs done to her. 

What if we shifted our perception?

Medea didn’t murder out of spite anymore than she murdered out of cruelty. She was a pawn in a larger game. She was under the spell cast by Aphrodite. Medea snaps out of it. Wrongs must be atoned. It was Euripides that had her murder her children, it was also Euripides who elevated her status with the Deus ex Machina…she did her Goddessly duty by punishing Jason for his disrespect to the gods. Because of this, Granddaddy Helios comes swooping down with his golden chariot and ushers her off to live a life of divinity. 

The mother fucking granddaughter of the sun. Try and stop her shine.  

What Lens Are You looking Through?

Are you ready to level up with Medea? She’ll come swooping in on the family chariot but you gotta snap out of it first. You’ll need to hold on tight. 

Align your perception. The kaleidoscope is yours. What will you see? 

With love and laughter, 


Looking to snap out of it? Check out the amazing community of Sovereigns that is forming over at The Dark Goddess Collective. 

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