Full Moon Rite of Abundance with Aphrodite

Connecting and calling to Aphrodite can be as simple or as ornate of a process as we make it! Whether you are in our private community going deeper or not, there is power in learning to use a name for our work for this Full Moon!

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Preparing for a Rite

Even if the choice is to use the name ‘Aphrodite’ or even ‘Venus’, because that’s what you connect with, there is still space to utilize this connection for a Rite of Abundance that you create for yourself. Here are some tips on preparing for such a Rite that we’ve enjoyed within the community:

  • Write down 3 goals of Abundance
    • This can be a challenge, especially when we recognize that much of what is seen as abundant is in fact societal and parental training, or/and embedded for survival.
    • Get real about what “feels” abundant and what would stretch it. Stretch a little, you never know how Aphrodite can inspire or provide clarity.
  • Create a space that says “I know you” so when you call her in, regardless of name used, she sees that you know her power and her likes. Use pictures, greenery, opulence, and any correspondences or personal gnosis goodies that you can offer to her.
  • Get in touch with vibration raising practices for the Spirit of Abundance and raise the capacity to hold it by trying this:
    • I want you to envision the magic you desire. Focus your energy on the way you feel when you’re working magic, whatever modality you wish or that you connect with easily, and I want you to amplify it. As you do this, I want you to notice the shift of your body. The flow going through it. 
      • Can you feel it?
      • Does it stop at a certain point?
      • Is it moving through you at a cellular level?
      • Is it uncomfortable?

Just allow it to be, and then see if you can amplify it, as well as how long you can hold this amplification – don’t force it. It may be only one minute and that is fantastic. It allows a heart/mind coherence, even for 30 seconds.

Why This Full Moon?

It is powerful! It is in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter. Where will Jupiter (ahem, expansive growth) be at this time? Taurus! Taurus is ruled by…Venus! It’s the perfect moment to get into calling down to into us (Taurus is an Earth element). Take full advantage!

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