June 2023: Reveling in Abundance

This month in Dark Goddess Collective, we are continuing to work with Aphrodite! She has so much to teach us about the truth behind our desires. Astrology shows us that Venus (ahem, Aphrodite) moves into Leo (ruled by the Sun) and it is the best time to illuminate all those places and spaces where we find abundance that may not fit the definition as described by society.

That is the point.

Pluto, that underworld planet, is also a planet of Revolution and a higher octave of Mars (our willpower, action taking measures) is retrograde; it will make an opposition to Venus requiring that as much light as we are shining on our loves, our relationships, our pleasure, and abundance, we must dig down into the heart of it to review. Venus will also pass through the middle of the nodes (where the eclipses occur) begging us to look at what we are hungry for and what we need to let go of for us to recognize and realize our abundance. Dance with it even.

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June 2023 in Dark Goddess Collective

Our Theme: Reveling in Abundance

We are going to connect deeply with our abundance, defining it, and aligning with it to draw it into our world. Our book club book, Subtle Energy by Keith Miller, will allow us to further practice our ability to draw it in through the three bodies.

Our Goddess: Aphrodite

Charlene Spretnak (1978) describes a pre-Hellenic Aphrodite as the Goddess of the waters of creation and of life, the birthing of the season of spring. Jean Shinoda Bolen (2014) goes even deeper into the connections and relationships that arise as creation itself, even when we are by ourselves. The multiple facets of this Goddess allow us to bring awareness into the ‘she’ within, reinforcing our magic and ability to seat ourselves at the table of our own design here in the material world.

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Some of what we have planned:

  • Creating a Rite to Aphrodite
  • Sacred Tiles (exclusive to DGC Community)
  • Wheel of Fortune (exclusive to DGC Community)
  • Body Ecology: Aphrodite as Muse
  • Aphrodite Divination

Upcoming Events:

  • 06/10/2023: Give & Receive Circle (Exclusive to DGC Community)
  • 06/10/2023: Last day to send in Q3 choices for D4C Benefactor! (Exclusive to DGC Community)
  • 06/10/2023 – Body Ecology Live (Exclusive to DGC Community)
  • 06/11/2023-06/14/2023: Voting on Top 3 D4C (Exclusive to DGC Community)
  • 06/17/2023: D4C with Tania! Donation Tiers available now!
  • 06/18/2023: Body Ecology Replay available to subscribers!
  • 06/25/2023: The Magic of The Hekatean Cave Path with Nini Bee Honeywolf! Make sure you are subscribed to DGC here (scroll to the bottom and subscribe) to get an invite!
  • 07/01/2023: The Witch Stack Book Club Meet (Exclusive to DGC Community)

As the month progresses, other work may present itself. Be sure to subscribe for new post notifications or find out more about joining us in the private community to access exclusive content, lives, groups, and some of the most BadAss magical practitioners like you!

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