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The Spirit of Abundance

This is an article from Revelations of a Witch, by me, that I think will set us up well for going deeper with Aphrodite!

Capturing the spirit of abundance and working with it has long been a goal for many of us. We find it in ancient spells, myths, fairytales, and even in modern practices of spiritual witchcraft. How do we actually find and harness ours?

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Attraction Magic

Attraction magic, or calling more of something to us, is not one size fits all. There are advantageous techniques, but what I find to be true is that we must be able to define what we wish to attract, the level at which we must resonate to bring ourselves into alignment with it, and the awareness of what techniques bring that resonance about. You hold the key. Knowing which door it opens? Different story entirely!

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Our Definition

Our definitions of abundance are not going to be the same. The things we believe we wish to attract, upon further investigation, we find ourselves recognizing years of societal and parental training. Hustle culture, influencers, ads, propaganda, and Pavlovian-style focus reducers. When we slow down, investigate, and remove these layer by layer, we find our definition of what we desire to attract.

Awareness leads us to that hall, the one with the doors of magic and mystery meant for us, the ones we know our truth will open.

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When we hear others speak and reflect to us something we can relate to or understand, we often say “that resonates”.

What are we actually doing?

Is it just relatable or is it time traveling to a place in time and space of remembering?

We are picking up on a frequency, a vibration, that someone has brought forward and is emitting. We are matching, like a tuning fork, whether we are still in the present or remembering a time/space where we are drawing that vibration or frequency forward to the now.

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Resonance & Abundance

Our Spirit of Abundance, the one that wildly enlivens us or brings great bliss, requires that we find resonance with it too. Like a new party joining the table of your life, when you really want that relationship to flourish, you find a way to listen and connect to her. It could mean you start by moving your own damn chair closer to her or telling another party at the table to leave entirely (especially those you find to be in direct opposition or of conflicting vibration, you know the one: keeps you stuck, comfortable, and stagnant).

It’s like finding the door we wish to open and inserting the key into the lock, but now it’s just stuck in the lock. It doesn’t move. Queue the Lock Mistress!

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Techniques of The Lock Mistress

It’s not enough to simply sit next to the Spirit of Abundance that we’ve begged to show up to the table of our lives. We wish to know her, to understand her, and as she begins to speak you hear:


It is at this place that most of us get stuck. Maybe I’m not meant to speak with her? Maybe it’s not time? 

Maybe this isn’t what I want truly, because it should be easier?

Imagine being invited to the table and being told you’re too much work right now and you’re left sitting with a bunch of spirits you don’t know and cannot communicate with!

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Intermediaries & Wiggling the Key

We are witches, a part of that work in most cases is an ability to connect to a vast range of physical and energetic forms. We must find an intermediary here, a translator or teacher, that can assist in our connection or allow us to learn to speak this language. It’s like finding a way to begin wiggling the key in the door you wish to open.

The key is no longer stuck, we just can’t yet turn it all the way.

Some of the best intermediaries I’ve found:

  • Altars with physical representations of the Spirit of Abundance as defined by us (travel brochures, quarters/dollars, seeds, titles of books, etc.).
  • Research Goddesses and their nymphs or allies to begin connecting and listening.
  • Meditation and Journeys: we often find our muse, our answers, and the ability to slow down fosters creativity (as well as new neurological connections that can allow us to vibrate higher).
  • Connect with others that already vibrate at that level: much like the tuning fork, those we connect with have the ability to raise our vibration. It is true that connecting with our soul purpose and our own Spirit of Abundance is helped drastically when we are able to foster the linking of arms with those who are attuned to their purpose or actively moving towards it.

Note: When connecting with others to vibrate higher, it’s important that we are clear and sacred about it. Coming to someone pretending to be a friend, take/use their work, customers, or otherwise drain them is something we can see a mile away. Please know that many have protections in place, mitigation techniques, and boundaries. We love to see others succeed, we love to link arms, but make no mistake about their kindness in allowing entry into their spaces or utilization of their time and energy (even if you pay for it or barter for it).

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