Aphrodite Divination

Divination with Aphrodite

Aphrodite, that Goddess born from the waters (like all of us), has something of a penchant for creating an environment of flow. At the very least, her ability to point out where we stop flowing or what needs work has stopped being subtle. Her messages of “you block yourself” can sometimes feel like a slap in the face and is not nearly as much of a good time as I had hoped. When we need a little clarity on the direction of blocks to our abundance (or our ability to revel in what we have already) feel free to use the divination below!

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Three Bodies, Three Principles

I have spoken before about the three bodies, but there are also three principles that we are going to work with during this divination. This knowledge is crucial. I think of it as a Rosetta Stone of sorts, allowing us to decipher the meanings meant for us.

Alchemy & Aphrodite

In an upcoming replay on Body Ecology, you will learn more about these principles and Aphrodite as an Alchemical Goddess (make sure to keep an eye on your inbox if you have signed up for the newsletter!). Just the basics for now though:


This is the principle of the boundless, timeless, the connection to the ‘All’. It is the cyclical nature inherent in the pattern of life of which we are connected, the spiritual body.


This is the physical realm, it is your physical body and the organs, bones, tissues that comprise that body.


Mercury, walker between the worlds is our emotional body, the one that can walk between the salt and sulfur principle to create an environment of coherence or resonance.

The Set Up

Begin by creating a space that calls to her, such as the Black Sacred Candle created for working with her, and any other items you know she will love. Choose the modality of divination that suits you (bones, tarot, oracle, runes).

The Questions

Feel free to change the questions that allow you to gain clarity either what is needed, what is blocked, if there is a misalignment or lack of coherence between one or more of your three bodies/principles with regard to relationships, connections, beauty, abundance, and creative pursuits or desires. We can also add an extra pull or draw for greater clarity or to ask for more guidance.

  • Number 1 is related to the sulfur principle, or your spiritual body.
  • Number 2 is related to the salt principle, or your physical body.
  • Number 3 is related to the mercury principle, or the emotional body, the system that allows us to connect between numbers one and two (plus numerous others).

May this Aphrodite divination allow you to find your flow, raise the vibration of it, and have you reveling in your abundance swiftly!

A Candle & A Key,


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