An Altar to Asteria

Creating specific and unique altars, for any reason, is a great foundation for focused connection to occur. It sends out a message of openness and curiosity about that energetic essence we wish to connect with. After sitting with the Black Sacred Candle, I decided to take it further with an altar to Asteria.

Photo by Kaycee Reeves

Feeling Into It (Intuit)

Getting past the sensory overload we’re subjected to daily can pose a challenge to even the most well-versed witch! However, finding our space to connect to our own energy and our energetic field, will allow our intuition to guide the creation of this altar. It’s not just about the objects upon it, it’s about how we create a conduit for a return connection too. There are layers to birthing a deep connection and for this altar to stars, dreams, prophecy, and the Mother of the Queen of Witches: we begin by slowing down and feeling into it.

If you need a good grounding meditation, I offer this one to you in service to the Sacred.

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As we light our Black Sacred Candle to her, we can envision an energetic cord extending from our heart-space to the candle made in her honor. Hold this in your mind (if this is a challenge, use your tactile energetic sense to build awareness of the cord).

Your crystal acts as an amplifier and will signal to her, as a safe and effective beacon, requesting connection. 

As you breathe, allow yourself to feel, don’t question the direction or if it makes sense. Just let the information flow. Perhaps have a notepad nearby and just jot it all down as the information/feeling presents itself to you.

The Choices 

There are so many choices available to create individual altars that I am reluctant to give direction on what anyone’s should be, look like, or contain. Our ways of connecting and intuiting can be like a fingerprint, there is no wrong or right with a fingerprint, it simply is. It’s your unique mark.

I will, however, provide a bit of insight into the choices I made just in case it’s helpful!

Photo by Kaycee Reeves

Location and Permanency 

This can be a critical choice to make as it can determine all of the subsequent decisions. While we can always change our minds later, for right now do we want this to be a permanent fixture? Do we have a space in our home? Do we prefer this to be outside (you know, under the stars?)? Once it’s decided, we can look at the structure of the altar itself.


I decided that I’d place my own outside during an evening ritual, but other options for creating the same type of connection would be to place it upon a windowsill or near a window. From there, we can determine space available upon the surface and our ability to spend time connecting to it often.

The more often we’re able to connect allows us to create layer after layer of connection over time.

I chose a traveling altar (picture frame) to bring outside that I could also bring back in to place upon a shelf in case of inclement weather. This ensures that my ability to connect is not impeded and allows for variability.

Photo by Kaycee Reeves

The Objects, Arrangements, and Layers

I chose to create a sigil of intention to place within the picture frame as the first layer, marked with a personal power oil because it too is like a fingerprint. I chose the color of paper and allowed her to guide me on ink.

I poured salt upon the glass and used my finger to shape it, feeling into the guidance of inner knowing.

The next layer is the Black Sacred Candle, placed in the middle. I added it while it was still lit, but I then blew it out. I feel like this unlit sacred flame is the center of this conduit I’m magically creating. I’ll use it as the key to opening the energy field once the rest is ready.

Photo by Kaycee Reeves

Considering the backdrop of the paper, I chose Quartz crystal chips as a reflection of her. I also added a stone that was a gift from a sister filled with beautiful mica (Pegmatite). It reminds me of how this rock forms constellations in a terrestrial body much like celestial ones are formed. 

Both surrounded by darkness until they shine beautifully.

I also added 4 incense cones from the Black Sacred Candle blend as a call to the Elements and Directions that create, destroy, transform, and guide us all upon our journeys.

I added a Lapis Lazuli pillar to connect the higher realm to the lower one, and amplify the field of energetic connection between them. If you’ve never used it, I highly encourage you to experiment with it.

Photo by Kaycee Reeves

Activation & Offerings

Many of us have various methodologies to activate or open the channel that becomes our conduit of connection. With a beautiful plate of offerings ready, my initial thought was to sit with the altar and using the breath to connect. As I did, I created a flow with each piece and layer until it felt as if the energy was rising to a certain level.

Intuitively, I felt this required a little more energy. 

More specifically in the form of waves and vibration that create sound and synergy. I grabbed a small singing bowl and allowed the waves to wash over the altar. As the energy continued to rise, I began to chant and lit the Black Sacred Candle as the final key to open the gates of this channel all the way.

As I sat, chanting, breathing, and feeling the vibrations of the singing bowl I noticed the stillness and the silence around me. No breeze (which is usually pretty consistent during this time of year) and yet the flame began to dance.
I sat within this space for a bit and then blew out the candle, passing the plate of offerings through the smoke and left it for Asteria.

Photo by Erhan Dayi via Pexels


There are many ways to develop connection and deep relationship with facets of energy or deity. One of the most profound ways I have learned is through layers of time. Each day for 10 minutes over 6 weeks has yielded more impact and connection than 2 hours a weekend for 6 weeks. Of course, we’re all different and we approach transformative connections in our unique way. There is not only one right way, but as the Goddess of turning dreams to prophecies to realities, Asteria might be one to consider a nightly, starry ritual for!

A Candle & A Key,


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