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November 2023: Stars Shine Upon Us

This month in Dark Goddess Collective we are tapping into the transformative power of Asteria. This Titan Goddess, born of Coeus and Phoebe, is a Goddess of the stars and the sky. While her story includes the falling stars that become islands, getting to know her shines a light on the way we expand and contract the boundaries of knowingness upon our own journeys.
Hestia Fire
IntroMonthly Work

Hestia: The Fire We Carry

Hestia, a Greek Goddess born of Cronus (Saturn) and Rhea, is perhaps well known as a Virgin Goddess of the fire within the home. Indeed, translated, Hestia means “Hearth”, a place of fire that is typically known to be “at the center” and nourishes outwardly. As we nourish our connection with her, we may find that the fire we carry is a ray of this same force. When we tend it, from a place at the “center”, we may find an initiation into our own Sacred Fire!