Mabon: Apple Season

Mabon has always been the Apple Season for me. From local festivals to seeds to the abundance of recipes utilizing Apples ~ I find wisdom and joy in the celebration!

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The Cycle

The cycles and natural rhythms of Earth are not separate from us. As much as we may feel disconnected from it, Apple can bring us back to a state of connection if we allow it! Here are a few connections and food for thought (pun fully intended!):

  • Apples are not only associated with abundance but also with wisdom and the Goddess. In numerous stories and mythology, apples were often considered the fruit of the Otherworld, representing knowledge and immortality. This symbolism can be linked to the themes of Mabon, which include introspection, wisdom, and the balance between light and dark.
  • Apples can also be used as decorations and for offerings of gratitude during Mabon! From altars to wreaths and centerpieces, I can use apple to symbolize the season’s harvest and the cycle of life and death. 
  • Divination with Apple, especially the seeds, is one of my favorite practices (as well as offerings!). We can also cut an apple horizontally to reveal the pentagram at its core and use it as a tool for scrying or seeking insights into the future.
  • I love the feasting associated with Mabon and the gratitude of the season. As such, apples are often featured in the dishes served: Apple pies, crisps, and other apple-based desserts often make an appearance and are shared graciously.
Photo by Julia Filirovska via Pexels


Here are some of the apple recipes from my little treasure chest of goodies:

The Balance and Turn

As we celebrate this time of balance and abundance, it’s also a significant moment marking a shift from fruits to the roots! More to come, make sure you’re subscribed to receive notifications.

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