The Magic of The Culling

Many folks see the season of The Culling as the association to the harvest, the time in which we are truly blessed with the abundance that has been provided for us by the Earth. This time allows us to prepare for the darkness that lays ahead and our ancestors stocked up as much as possible. 

It isn’t just the culling of the ripened fruits, however, that forms this season. 

It is also a personal endeavor that sets the stage, clears space, and provides clarity around what it is we remove.

Photo by Elizabeth Zernetska via Pexels

Setting the Stage

In the Northern Hemisphere, the light of the Sun is diminishing as darkness overtakes it. In the dark is where wisdom resides and learning to utilize this wisdom is the stage wherein the culling enters in all her glory. The focus returns to self, the energy of outward tending turns inward for the deeper tending of those internal roots. 

How are you letting go of that outward focus?

How are you letting go of that which no longer requires your grasp?

We could look at the original tale of Demeter and Persephone in the Lost Goddesses of Early Greece by Charlene Spretnak to discover sorrow and anguish with Persephone’s choice to leave and play her part in the cycle. We could also look deeper at the cycles of women to discover that letting go of being a maiden, or being a mother, or becoming a crone might also come with feelings of sorrow and anguish. It is in these moments that wisdom comes to clear space with us.

Even nature shows us beauty in letting go ~ Photo via Pixabay

Clearing the Space

One of the great magics of The Culling is the way in which it clears the space of everything we are not, everything we do not identify or resonate with, and how such removal impacts us. Our great changes allow us the space to reimagine how we become.

Is it with sorrow, anguish, and apprehension?

I postulate that The Culling allows us the space to connect to our own roots, finding one named Curiosity, one named Excitement, and one carved with Epithets that speak truth to power.

What epithets are being carved upon your bones?

Photo by Avonne Stalling via Pexels

Sacred Clarity

Another great magic of The Culling is that it brings with it a sacred clarity. Like all great cycles, this one is a space of endings and beginnings. Through removal magic, our focus and awareness are heightened to that which we kindle within ourselves. The clarity of who we are shines through in the most magnificent of ways, laying waste to “should be”, “could be”, and even “might have been”. It is replaced with deep connection to a sacredness that we each hold. It provides a healing in the dark while excavating the shadowy place we return to each year. 

You know the one. 

It is the one that turns tomb to womb each season.

Divination of The Culling

Feel free to seek deeper guidance on your journey with this divination!

A Candle & A Key,


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