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Medea: Fierce Goddess Support

Medea has been handing out some tough lessons, and while we’ve not gotten very deep into any of them (yet!), there is a need to create and maintain a deep connection to an energetic force as we work through them. Medea is truly an amazing teacher, but she is a forceful one - rooting us deeply into lessons of betrayal, truth, and power. Not hers - Ours. And not betrayal by others, but by ourselves. She asks: Did that sting? Is it uncomfortable? Good.
Black Sacred Candle

In the Beginning: The Black Sacred Candle (Part 2)

The Sacred Black Candle is a working candle. I channel this into each one, that it will protect my work, my space, my Self, and my magic. That my work is abundant, joyous, focused, and coming with great clarity. The possibilities for creating this working candle are endless even when following the primordial pattern of creation to wholeness.