November 2023: Stars Shine Upon Us

This month in Dark Goddess Collective we are tapping into the transformative power of Asteria. This Titan Goddess, born of Coeus and Phoebe, is a Goddess of the stars and the sky. While her story includes the falling stars that become islands, getting to know her shines a light on the way we expand and contract the boundaries of knowingness upon our own journeys.

Photo by Natacha Panassol via Pexels

November 2023 in Dark Goddess Collective

Theme: Torches & Bones

As the wheel continues to turn toward the great season of the dark in the northern hemisphere, we contemplate the ways in which we connect and light the way forward as the stars teach us to flow from the space of the bones.

Goddess: Asteria

Let’s find her together in the places where she transforms our ability to pull from the power of the stars to the roots. Our ability to create, ripple, and expand lives upon a spectrum that she can light up to ensure we land among the island of stars that shape the horizon with purpose

Photo by Andre Moura via Pexels

Some of What We Have Planned:

Upcoming Events

  • 11th – Witch Stack Book Club (rescheduled from September, second half of Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Kimmerer). *
  • 12thDark Moon Deipnon for a Cause (D4C): Book Binding with Hollie!
  • 18th – Registration begins for 2024 New Witch, Who Dis?
  • 19th – Give & Receive Circle. *
  • 26th – Hekatean Cave Path LIVE with Nini Bee Honeywolf (registration coming soon!)
  • 28th – Doors Open Day: DGC’s One Year Celebration (more info coming soon!). *
  • 30th – Early Registration begins for The Sacred Essence (course begins Jan 2024).

(*denotes event is exclusive to Collective members.)

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